Museum of Spirits

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Welcome to a museum the like of which has never been seen in Sweden before.

The Museum of Spirits is a unique destination located in Stockholm’s two remaining 18th-century naval buildings on the island of Djurgården. With a focus on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol, the museum exhibitions will take you on an unforgettable journey from pain to pleasure, from park bench to cocktail party, based on art, scenery, experience, scents, and tastes…

Rarely has an afternoon soaked in alcohol yielded so many wise insights.

Museum of Spirits is open seven days a week
1st June – 31st August
Every day 10.00–18.00, Tuesday 10.00–20.00
1st September – 31st May
Every day 10.00–17.00, Tuesday 10.00–20.00.

Closed: 21 th June, 23, 24, 25th & 31th December

Mon–Sun 11.00–17.00, Tuesday 11.00–20.00

Youth 15-18 yrs

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